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President: Barrie Wade (email)
Chairperson: Adrian Guthrie
Vice Chairperson: Matthew Parr
Secretary: Barrie Wade
Treasurer: Alan Carr
Website Officer: Malc Walker (email)


Aberconwy Working Dog & Ferret Club ~ Tel: Gary 07733 012740
Brig O'Lea Working Terrier Club ~
Cothi Working Terrier Club (South Wales Region)
Cumbria Terrier Club ~
Derbyshire Wildlife Management Services ~
Durham and Northumberland Working Terrier Club ~
East Cleveland Working Terrier and Lurcher Club ~
East Kilbride Working Terrier Club ~ 
Fell & Moorland Working Terrier Club ~ Tel: Mick 07736 302853  (website). 
Fife and Kinross Working Terrier Club ~
Glan Cynan Working Terrier Club ~
Tel: Haydn 01685 814124.
Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain ~ (email here)  (website).
Jack Russell Terrier Club of Sweden ~ Tel: Linda +46 21 333 005  (email here)  (website).
Kelvin Valley Lurcher and Terrier Club ~ Tel: Bob 01505 335 325 (email here)
Merseyside Working Terrier and Lurcher Club ~
Neilston Working Dog Association ~
North Wales Terrier and Lurcher Club ~

Parson Russell Terrier Club ~
Plummer Terrier Club of Great Britain ~

Rother Valley Working Terrier Club ~
Southern Border Terrier Club ~
Scottish Border Terrier Club ~
Scottish Hill Packs Association ~
Scottish Working Dog Association ~
Scottish Working Terrier Club ~
Sporting Lucas Terrier Association ~ Tel: Terry 0116 2664611  (website).
Strathclyde and District Working Terrier Club ~
Terrier Roadshow ~
Welsh Valleys Working Terrier and Lurcher Club ~
West Coast Terrier Lurcher and Whippet Club ~
West Wales Working Terrier and Lurcher Club ~ 
email: (website).
Working Sealyham Terrier Club of GB ~ Tel: Harry 07974 948312  (website).


Clive Rees & Associates ~ Solicitors specialising in fieldsports related matters (website)
Countryside Alliance ~ Campaigning organisation which protects the rural way of life (including countrysports) (website)
Countryside Alliance (Ireland) ~ Protects the rural way of life (including countrysports) in Ireland (website)

Countryside Alliance (Scotland) ~ Protects the rural way of life (including countrysports) in Scotland (website) 
Dogs Lost ~
An organisation dedicated to reuniting dogs and their owners (website)
Irish Working Terrier Federation ~ Protects the interests of Working Terriers and their owners in Ireland (website)
National Gamekeepers Organisation ~ The representative body for gamekeeping in England and Wales (website)
National Pest Technicians Association ~ The Number One Pest Control Association in the U.K. (website)
Scottish Association for Country Sports ~ Promotes & protects country sports in Scotland & N.I. (website) 
Scottish Gamekeepers Association ~ The representative organisation for gamekeeping in Scotland (website) 
Union of Countrysports Workers ~
Protects the interests of countrysports workers (website)
Vote-OK ~ Co-ordinates voters towards a repeal of the Hunting Act. Make a difference, sign up on their website. (website)


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