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 2010 N.W.T.F. OPEN TERRIER SHOW and CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS - Sunday 22nd August 2010:

 PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE: Due to the 2010 CLA Game Fair being held at Ragley Hall there will be no other game fairs held there during this year. As a result, this year's NWTF Championship and Open Terrier Show will be held at the Shropshire Game Fair, Chetwynd Park, Newport, Near Telford, Shropshire. It's the normal Ragley weekend date, same Game Fair organisers, same terrier show team and the same excellent facilities.

Chetwynd Park does not have it's own postcode, so for satellite navigation systems, enter Newport, Shropshire and select the B5062 Edgmond Road. The show is signposted from Newport. Alternatively click on the following google maps link and enter your postcode for a custom set of directions google map


Check in for the N.W.T.F. Champion of Champions will take place between 10:30am and 12:00 noon, and the Open Working Terrier Show will commence at 11:00 am prompt. There will be ringside parking available for exhibitors and the Best in Show and Reserve will also qualify for the Champion of Champions Show held in the Main Arena later during the same day. Terriers which have already qualified for the Champion of Champions Show will also be eligible for entry into the Open Working Terrier Show.

COLOURED TERRIERS – RING 1 (Judge Mr Dave Edwards). 

Class 1 Lakeland Puppy

Class 2 Black Fell Puppy

Class 3 Cross Bred Puppy

Class 4 Border Puppy

Class 5 Lakeland Dog

Class 6 Black Fell Dog

Class 7 Cross-bred Dog

Class 8 Border Dog

Class 9 Plummer Dog

Class 10 Lucas Terrier Dog/Bitch (This class will be split if there are sufficient entries)

Class 11 Lakeland Bitch

Class 12 Black Fell Bitch

Class 13 Cross Bred Bitch

Class 14 Border Bitch

Class 15 Plummer Bitch

Class 16 Progeny – parent and one or more offspring

Class 17 Best Matched Couple

Class 18 Veteran – 7 years and over

Class 19 Entered to Fox


(Winners of classes 5 to 15 to compete for the Alne Shield)    


Class 1 Junior Child Handler (Child up to 8 years, any terrier breed)

Class 2 Senior child Handler (Child aged 8-15 years, any terrier breed)

Class 3 Jack Russell puppy 6-12 month

Class 4 Jack Russell Dog Rough/Broken Coated

Class 5 Jack Russell Dog Smooth

Class 6 Jack Russell Dog, any coat , under 12½”

Class 7 Jack Russell Bitch Rough/Broken Coated

Class 8 Jack Russell Bitch Smooth

Class 9 Jack Russell Bitch, any coat, under 12½”

Class 10 Progeny - parent and one or more offspring

Class 11 Best Matched Couple

Class 12 Veteran - 7 years and over

Class 13 Entered to Fox


(Winners of classes 4 to 9 to compete for the Bayfox Shield)

BEST PUPPY (Winners of classes 1 to 4 Ring one and class 3 Ring two to compete)

BEST IN SHOW & RESERVE (Best and Reserve Terriers from rings 1 and 2 compete for the Bert Gripton and Bob Ramage Memorial Trophies. Best & Reserve also qualify for the NWTF Champion of Champions 2009.

Please be aware that the Animal Welfare Act 2006 makes it an offence to show dogs docked after 6th April 2007 at "an event to which members of the public are admitted on payment of a fee", except for where "a dog is shown only for the purpose of demonstrating its working ability".


Judge Mr Darren Cashmore.

The National Working Terrier Federation Champion of Champions Working Terrier Show will be held in the Game Fair Main Arena at approximately 4:00 pm.

The owners of terriers which have already qualified for the Championship Show may register their dogs between 10:30 am and 12:00 noon.

Pre judging of the Champion of Champions Class will take place in the Open Show Rings once the Open Show has been completed (at approximately 2:30 pm).

For any further enquiries regarding either show, telephone: Joy on 01902 334636 or 07702 020766.


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